The DELOS Best Paper finalists for the 2023 Annual Conference are:

(* Indicates Best DEI Paper in ELOS; ** Indicates Best Student Paper)

  • At-Home Drug Delivery Experiment: Teaching Mass Transfer Using Food Dyes, DIY Spectrometer. [view paper] Dr. Gautom Das (University of Maryland Baltimore County)
  • Hands-On Fluid Flow Trainer to Support Experimental Learning. [view paper] Assistant Prof. Commander Brian Earp (United States Naval Academy), Lieutenant Kyle Parker (United States Naval Academy)
  • Learning through Escape: Developing Collaboration, Communication, and Confidence in a Biomedical Engineering Laboratory Escape Room. [view paper] Dr. Rachel Childers (The Ohio State University), PhD Fellow Ms. Sunny Kwok (The Ohio State University)
  • Mobile Phone-Based Contact and Non-Contact Vibration Sensing for Structural Dynamics Teaching Laboratories. [view paper] Dr. Charles Riley (Oregon Institute of Technology)
  • **Achieving Student Outcomes through Hands-on Design of Experiments. [view paper] Dan Kilula (Arkansas State University), Dr. Shivan Haran (Arkansas State University), Logan Riley Neal
  • *Exploring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Remote Laboratories. [view paper] Animesh Paul (University of Georgia), Marcos Jose Inonan Moran (University of Washington), Dr. Rania Hussein (University of Washington), Dr. Dominik May (University of Georgia)
2023 Winners (left to right: Dr. Charles Riley, Dr. Gautom Das, Dr. Rachel Childers, CDR Brian Earp, and Animesh Paul)


The DELOS Best Paper finalists for the 2022 Annual Conference are:

(* indicates Best Paper Award recipient)

  • *BYOE: Making Connections between Fluid Mechanics and Abstract Painting. [view paper] Prof. Thomas Shepard (University of St. Thomas), Charles Mossey, Prof. Jacob John Swanson, Colin Huntington, Mary Murphy.
  • Assessment in the Engineering Programs of a 4-Year Institution. [view paper] Prof. Dave Kim (Washington State University – Vancouver), Prof. John Lynch (Washington State University), Pavel Pisarchuk, Allegra A Bryant, Danielle Gedlick, and Terry Sjolander.
  • MATLAB Curriculum Based in Experimental Setups with Authentic Data Collection and Analysis Experiences. [view paper] Prof. Brian Patrick O’Connell (Northeastern University), Jada Wong (Northeastern University).
  • Comparing labs before, during, and after COVID in a Measurements and Analysis Course. [view paper] Prof. Bridget Smyser (Northeastern University)
  • Heaving Homemade Buoys: A project Leveraging Smart Phone Movies and MATLAB-Based Image Processing to Teach Dimensional Analysis in an Undergraduate Fluid Mechanics Course. [view paper] Prof. Hans Mayer (California Polytechnic State University), Andres Ikaika Elzaurdia, Christian Clephan, Arturo Mario Flores. 


The DELOS Best Paper finalists for the 2020 Annual Conference are:

(* indicates Best Paper Award recipient)

  • *Developing best practices for teaching scientific documentation: Toward a better understand of how lab notebooks contribute to knowledge-building in engineering design and experimentation. [view paper] Dr. Rick Evans (Cornell University), Prof. Jeffrey Moses (Cornell University), and Dr. Traci M. Nathans-Kelly (Cornell University)
  • BYOE: Microelectronic Non-Idealities Laboratory Explorations. [view paper] Dr. Kip D. Coonely (Duke University), Mr. Alexander Gregory Culbert (Duke Univeristy), and Prof. Aaron Franklin (Duke University)
  • Oklahoma State University’s ENDEAVOR: Transformation of Undergraduate Engineering Education through the Experience-based learning. [view paper] Dr. Hitesh D. Vora (Oklahoma State University), Dr. Brad Rowland (Oklahoma State University), Dr. Joe Conner (Oklahoma State University), Prof. Brian K. Norton P.E., (Oklahoma State University), Dr. Qinang Hu (Oklahoma State University), and Dr. Toni Ivey (Oklahoma State University)
  • A Reproducible Solution for Implementing Online Laboratory Systems through Inexpensive & Open-source Technology. [view paper] Dr. Philip Jackson (University of Florida), and Mr. Joshua Rudaitis (University of Florida)


The DELOS Best Paper finalists for the 2019 Annual Conference are:

  • A Simple, Economic Refrigeration Lab for Thermal/Fluids Courses. [view paper] Dr. Jason Howison (The Citadel), Dr. Robert J Rabb P.E. (The Citadel), Dr. Emily Kate Book (The Citadel), and Dr. Nathan John Washuta (The Citadel)
  • Standard-based Grading In Introductory Physics Laboratory Courses. [view paper] Dr. Yan Wu (University of Wisconsin, Platteville), and Anna Drazkowski
  • The Future Laboratory: Leveraging Consumer Imaging Devices for Student Projects and Sustainable, Accessible STEM Education. [view paper] Dr. Michael G Mauk (Drexel University), Dr. Richard Chiou (Drexel University), and Prof. Tzu-Liang Bill Tsend (University of Texas, El Paso)
  • Development of a Portable Experimental Platform to Demonstrate the Role of Material and Cross-section in Beam Bending. [view paper] Dr. Aldo A Ferri (Georgia Institute of Technology), Dr. James I. Craig (Georgia Institute of Technology), Dr. Bonnie H. Ferri (Georgia Institute of Technology), and Dr. Meltem Alemdar (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Preliminary Investigation of Undergraduate Students’ Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) in Writing Lab Reports in Entry-level Engineering Laboratory Courses at Three Universities. [view paper] Dr. Dave Kim (Washington State University, Vancouver), Dr. Charles Riley P.E. (Oregon Intitute of Technology), and Dr. Ken Lelay P.E. (University of Portland)


The DELOS Best Paper finalists for the 2018 Annual Conference are:

  • Design and Implementation of a Course in Experimental Design and Technical Writing. [view paper] Dr. Natasha Smith (University of Virginia), Dr. Andrew Jason Hill (University of Southern Indiana), and Dr. Tom McDonald (University of Southern Indiana)
  • No-cost Implementation of Electronic Lab Notebooks in an Intro Engineering Design Course. [view paper] Dr. Daisuke Aoyagi (California State University, Chico)
  • Using Mechatronics to Develop Self Learners and Connect the Dots in the Curriculum. [view paper] Dr. Robert J. Rabb P.E., (The Citadel), Dr. Natha John Washuta (The Citadel), and Coleman D. Floyd
  • Design of a Cross-curricular Circuits Laboratory Experiment. [view paper] Mr. WIllam Michael Delany (University of Portland), Dr. Heather dillon (University of Portland), and Dr. Joseph P. Hoffbeck (Univerity of Portland)
  • BYOE: Activities to Map Intuition to Lumped System Models. [view paper] Raina White (Dartmouth College), Dr. Christopher G. Levey (Dartmouth College), and Dr. Laura Ray (Dartmouth College)


The DELOS Best Paper finalists for the 2017 Annual Conference are:

  • An Educational Laboratory Experimental System for Teaching Chemical Reaction Process Dynamics and Control. [view paper] Malia L. Kawamura (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Prof. Andrew G. Alleyne (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), and Dr. Erick Sutanto
  • Design of Classlab and Supporting Spaces to Enable a Multidisciplinary Hands-on First-Year Engineering Design Curriculum. [view paper] Dr. Jenna P Carpenter (Campbell University) and Dr. Lee Kemp Rynearson (Campbell University)
  • Humans vs. Robots Workout Challenge. [view paper] Prof. Nebojsa I. Jaksic (Colorado State University, Pueblo) and Mr. Boyan Li
  • Engaging Multidisciplinary Engineers in an Introduction to Programming Laboratory. [view paper] Dr. Ira Hill (University of Florida)


The DELOS Best Paper finalists for the 2016 Annual Conference are:

  • Teaching Embedded Systems in a MOOC Format. [view paper] Dr. Jonathan W. Valvano (University of Texas – Austin), Dr. Ramesh Yerraballi (University of Texas – Austin), and Chad Fulton (University of Texas – Austin)
  • Using Mounted Smartphones as a Platform for Laboratory Education in Engineering. [view paper] Mr. Anthony Steven Brill (New York University), Mr. Jared Alan Frank (New York University), and Dr. Vikram Kapila (New York University)
  • Inquiry-Based Learning to Explore the Design of the Built Environment. [view paper] Ms. Anahid Behrouzi (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) and Prof. Daniel Kuchma (Tufts University)
  • Hydrology Experiment Design: An Open-Ended Lab to Foster Student Engagement and Critical Thinking. [view paper] Dr. Cara J Poor P.E. (University of Portland) and Evan S Miller (GeoEngineers, Inc.)
  • Integrated Fluids and Electronics Labs to Measure Fluid Flow. [view paper] Dr. Kristen Ann Thompson (Loras College) and Dr. Danial J. Neebel PE (Loras College)


The DELOS Best Paper finalists for the 2015 Annual Conference are:

  • A Remote Access Laboratory for Fluids Education in Mechanical Engineering. [view paper] Gwen Elizabeth Ellis (Affiliation unknown), Prof. Cecilia Dianne Richards (Washington State University), Dr. Brad R. Thompson (Washington State University), and Prof. Robert F. Richards (Washington State University)
  • Consumer Reports Inspired Introduction to Engineering Project [view paper] Dr. Smitesh Bakrania (Rowan University), Ms. Kaitlin Engle Mallouk (Rowan University), and Prof. Krishan Kumar Bhatia (Rowan University)
  • Integrating the Mechanical Engineering Curriculum Using a Long-term Green Design Project – The Planetary Gearset. [view paper] Dr. Eric Constans (Rowan University), Shivakumar I Ranganathan (Rowan University), and Prof. Wei Xue (Rowan University)
  • Towards a T Shaped Electrical and Computer Engineering Curriculum: a Vertical and Horizontally Integrated Laboratory/Lecture Approach. [view paper] Dr. Harry Courtney Powell (University of Virginia), Prof. Ronald D. Williams P.E. (University of Virginia), Prof. Robert M. Weikle II (University of Virginia), and Prof. Maite Brandt-Pearce (University of Virginia)  
2015 Winners


The DELOS Best Paper finalists for the 2014 Annual Conference are:

  • An Implementation of Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN) Using a Learning Management System Platform in an Undergraduate Experimental Engineering Course. [view paper] Dr. Mary Cardenas (Harvey Mudd College)
  • MEMS-based Educational Laboratory. [view paper] Dr. Tim Dallas P.E. (Texas Tech University)
  • Embedded Computing Reinforces and Integrates Concepts Across the ECE Curriculum. [view paper] Dr. Harry Courtney Powell (University of Virginia) and Prof. Joanne Bechta Dugan (University of Virginia)
  • Student Peer Teaching in Engineering Laboratory Situations. [view paper] Dr. Ernest M. Kim P.E. (University of San Diego), Dr. Thomas F. Schubert Jr. P.E. (University of San Diego), and Prof. Frank G. Jacobitz (University of San Diego)
2014 Winners


The DELOS Best Paper finalists for the 2013 Annual Conference are:

(* indicates Best Paper Award recipient)

  • Examining skill retention from a redesigned laboratory course to capstone design sequence. [view paper] Dr. Bridget M. Smyser (Northeastern University) and Dr. Gregory J Kowalski (Northeastern University)
  • *DaNI-K: A Vision-based Robot Control Experiment with a DaNI Robot and Kinect Sensor Bundle. [view paper] Dr. Nebojsa I. Jaksic P.E. (Colorado State University, Pueblo)
  • Getting More Learning From Labs – Six Principles to Build Understanding and Skill. [view paper] Dr. Clark Hochgraf (Rochester Institute of Technology (CAST)), Prof. Richard Cliver (Rochester Institute of Technology (CAST)), and Dr. David S Martins (Rochester Institute of Technology)
  • Incorporating Adult Learning Methods and Project Based Learning in Laboratory Metrology Courses. [view paper] Mrs. Georgia L. Harris (NIST)
2013 Winners (left to right: Dr. Clark Hochgraf, Dr. Bridget M. Smyser,
Mrs. Georgia L. Harris, Dr. Nebojsa I. Jaksic P.E.)


The DELOS Best Paper finalists for the 2012 Annual Conference are:

(* indicates Best Paper Award recipient)

  • Teaching Adaptive Filters and Applications in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology Program. [view paper] Jean Jiang (Purdue University, North Central) and Li Tan (Purdue University, North Central)
  • A Mobile Laboratory as a Venue for Education and Outreach Emphasizing Sustainable Transportation. [view paper] Jeremy John Worm (Michigan Technological University), John E. Beard (Michigan Technological University), Wayne Weaver (Michigan Technological University), and Carl L. Anderson (Michigan Technological University)
  • Implementation and Assessment of a Virtual Reality Experiment in the Undergraduate Themo-fluids Laboratory. [view paper] Sushil K. Chaturvedi (Old Dominion University), Jaewan Yoon (Old Dominion University), Rick McKenzie (Old Dominion University), Petros J. Katsioloudis (Old Dominion University), Hector M. Garcia (Old Dominion University), and Shuo Ren (Old Dominion University)
  • *Science and Engineering Active Learning (SEAL) System: A Novel Approach to Controls Laboratories. [view paper] Per Henrik Borgstrom (University of California, Los Angeles), William J. Kaiser (University of California, Los Angeles), Gregory Chung (University of California, Los Angeles), Zachary Nelson (National Instruments), Manda Paul (University of California, Los Angeles), Stoytcho Marinov Stoytchev, and Jackson Tek Kon Ding (Marvell Technology Group, Ltd.)
2012 Winners


The DELOS Best Paper finalists for the 2011 Annual Conference are:

  • An Interesting Application of Optical Measurement Techniques. [view paper] Bijan Sepahpour (College of New Jersey)
  • Temperature Alarm Laboratory Design Project for a Circuit Analysis Course in a General Engineering Curriculum. [view paper] Loren Limberis (East Carolina University) and Jason Yao (East Carolina University)
  • Connecting Theory and Practice: Laboratory-based Explorations of the NAE Grand Challenges. [view paper] Lisa Huettel (Duke University)
  • SPIRAL Laboratories in the First-Year Mechanical Engineering Curriculum. [view paper] Debra J. Mascaro (University of Utah), Stacy J. Morris-Bamberg (University of Utah), and R. Roemer (University of Utah)

Additional Best Paper Nominees for the 2011 Annual Conference include:

  • Microwave Plasma Cleaner Design For Semiconductor Fabrication And Materials Processing Laboratory Use. [view paper] Prof. Mustafa G. Guvench (University of Southern Maine) and Derek Richardson (Fairchild Semiconductor)
  • Educational Tool Development of An Electric Drivetrain Bench Unit. [view paper] Y. Gene Liao (Wayne State University) and D. Fu (Wayne State University)
  • Teaching Digital Filter Implementations Using the 68HC12 Microcontroller. [view paper] Li Tan (Purdue University, North Central) and Jean Jiang (Purdue University, North Central)
  • Innovative Shake Table Laboratory Instruction: Implementation and Assessment of Student Learning. [view paper] Sandra Shaw Courter (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Shirley Dyke (Purdue University), and Alyn Marie Turner (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
  • Autonomous Vehicles: A Hands-On Interdisciplinary Freshman Course. [view paper] Nancy K Lape (Harvey Mudd College) David L Harris (Harvey Mudd College), Matthew Joseph Keeter (Harvey Mudd College), Madeleine S Ong (Harvey Mudd College) Zachary Dodds (Harvey Mudd College)
  • Model-Eliciting Activities in A Mechanical Engineering Experimental Methods Course. [view paper] John Ridgely (California Polytechnic State University) and Brian P. Self (California Polytechnic State University)


The DELOS Best Paper finalists for the 2010 Annual Conference are:

  • Living with the Lab: Sustainable Lab Experiences for Freshman Engineering Students. [view paper] Kelly Crittenden (Louisiana Tech University), David Hall (Louisiana Tech University), and Patricia Brackin (Southeast Missouri State University)
  • The NIST Summer Institute for Middle School Science Teachers: Translating NIST Research into Activities for the Middle School Classroom. [view paper] Mary Satterfield (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and Susan Heller-Zeisler (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Additional Best Paper Nominees for the 2010 Annual Conference include:

  • Flexible CIS Laboratory Environment Employing Multi-Boot and Virtual Computing. [view paper] Dawn Spencer (Colorado State University, Pueblo) and Nebojsa Jaksic (Colorado State University, Pueblo)
  • Enhancing the Undergraduate Design Experience with Surface Mount Soldering and Printed Circuit Board Techniques. [view paper] Kip Coonley (Duke University) and Lisa Huettel (Duke University)
  • An Important Experiment and Project in the First Measurement Course. [view paper] Bijan Sepahpour (The College of New Jersey)